Wednesday, December 15, 2010

some tough decisions

It's the end of the year. Will soon be reflecting on this challenging year. I hope it is only one among better ones in a long political life.

I will be making some tough decisions in the next few weeks.

I know I am a hard worker, motivated and enthusiastic about our political project. I am assertive and push myself to speak even when I am intimidated. I have been silenced too long in my life and I have made a promise to myself not to shut up out of fear and need to please people around me. If our project is revolution, then lets stay real about it and not tiptoe around. Carry yourself like you know that your goal is to change this world and fight with every inch of our muscles, heart, strength. Live everyday with a heart that can fit in all the contradictions and pain of this world, especially one in upheaval. Act everyday like you know that when your enemies come down on you, you wont let go inside. Talk everyday like you know that what we are striving for is a conglomerate of pain, suffering, joy, love and what keeps it together, lets it make sense, is honesty and preserverance, not niceness to every tom dick or harry around you. I aim and strive for this state of mind, this preserverance, this tenacity, this honesty.

Confidence, assertiveness and firmness also does not mean we become so tough we are no longer tender.

We can and must be tender to the world, as we struggle in the world.

But some people dont like this. Some people read my assertiveness as aggressiveness, and others read my humility as weakness.

I have some tough decisions to make because I believe I have a lot to give to the political project, that I can't compromise simply because of loyalty.

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