Tuesday, March 15, 2011


An acknowledgement of all the pain, all the suffering, that our peoples are experiencing now.
Everything that is now individualized, personalized into our own psyches, into dilemmas among relationships, into tensions among friends, into vicious self judgement.
The crises permeate into us
like knives, chopping 
hearts from muscles, pain, from love, from
one another.

Mortality is on many of our minds.
What is a good life, worth living?
How to imagine a nuclear explosion?
would I save, can save, will die regardless of me and
will I, they, we all, die?

I smelled the coffee in the house today and memories of past jobs swarmed my mind
Borders Bistro Singapore, Coffee Exchange Providence, Faculty Club Providence, Royal Grill Detroit, Starbucks Seattle
This was the earth where my feet have scurried upon
In case I forget, or you forget
and death, erases those traces
and memories of lives once struggled, once lived, once survived

The 50 workers in the Fukushiima Daichii nuclear plant facilities 
I cannot begin to imagine how hard it must have been to make the choice
to stay in the crumbling deadly entrapment that will definitely
inevitably, assuredly, take your life/kill you/ruin your life hereafter if you do not die.
Let them never say that workers are useless, replaceable, greedy
I am thinking of you, and crying for you that 
their insatiable greed, their inhumanity, their uselessness, has forced you and your families
to make this painful life-losing/changing decision.
Thank You, and your families, so so so much.
You, are joined, in our memories, as martyrs alongside those of the Egyptian, Bahrainian, Libyan, Tunisian revolutions
And I for one, will never forget.
Mortality is on our minds.
May we find also the serenity, to channel
this frustration and pain and ever exploding crises
into resolution, into unity, into humility, into courage,
to change the things that we can
with what we have left,
of one another.

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