Thursday, April 21, 2011

Promise to self

1) Not let myself to sucked back into the emotional ups and downs of last year.
2) Not self-blame when I do. See it as a grieving process that rises and falls. Grief comes with a myriad of emotions: self-blame, self-doubt, anger, guilt, sadness, regret. But essential for moving forward
3) Not emotionally open myself with those who will open up these wounds until I am ready
4) Not allow others to make me feel guilty for needing this space and time
5) Prioritize my own healing without becoming hard. I cannot exchange my loves and life for moments of self righteousness
6) Work toward forgiveness: 
Forgive ourselves for our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us
7) When I am ready, be active to convey my self-forgiveness, as well as forgiveness to others. When I die, I want as little emotional baggage left as possible and as many postcards from past/present and future friends as possible!! :)
8) When I am ready, apologize and accept apologies where given, for the pain and hurt that had fractured us in our short lifetimes.
9) Trust that others whom I feel have wronged me are also going through their own journeys.
10) Be intentional about self reflection
11) Letting those I trust around me know about what I am looking out for within myself and have them also hold me accountable. [re: Icarus Project radical mental health exercise!!]
12) My life is not a rebound relationship from past pains: Avoid seeking validation from the present or future for what were past errors or trespasses
13) See present relationships for what they are. Not carry history into the present
14) Work toward being the kind of person I want to be, who can, in 5 years time, look back at this one sad year and say, "I grew with this experience and have become a stronger, better, more loving and lovable person."
15) Be OK with the fact that not everyone will love me, trust me, or accept me for who I am and that's OK. I have my own truth-seeking journey and will live a good principled life deserving of love.
16) Remember there are those who love me and whom I love
17) Eyes on the prize!!! I want to live, live, and live!!! And this is part of it!!!


  1. i love #17. i say this to myself ALL the time:

    eyes on the prize!!!


  2. it's also from aimee and jaguar, one of my all time favorites thanks to you:)