Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why all feminists should be anti-capitalists!!

Today, yet another drama at my work.
It's either I am crazy or they are and let me tell you, it's really not me!!
I will write about the incident that happened today, in another post.
But it hit me today that...the dynamics at my job really resonate with being in a power and control relationship/DV relationship w individual managers and bosses!! They scream at us too!! Just short of smacking us ax the face w physical violence, but they use hella emotional and financial coercion!! Hella power and control!! And!! They use the language of family and love too!!! To entrap us and guilt trip us!!

So! If feminists are hella against DV in the household, then they should be against workplace coercion that mimics power and control dynamics in the family too!!!


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