Sunday, October 10, 2010


i had the most intense, demeaning day at work today. i was a poop cleaning machine literally. add to that, my coworker and i got slapped and smacked by our patients. the company stole my break time and even with that, i got yelled at by a nurse who treats me like some 6 y/o kid. they all treat us like we are kids, naturally lazy until probed and nagged. well, fuck that!!! the entire management at my workplace is white. the entire cna workforce is black and brown. some patients say literally racist things to us (like, "i want to shoot indians", or "go back to where you came from," or, "colored girl") while the management is liberally racist, and for all the work that we do, we are the first ones who are forced to take unpaid leave when there are vacant beds. even tho the work we do is the hardest. for all the christian lutheran faith this home was founded on, our boss makes 160,000 bucks a year while we make only 1/6th of that and they dare to tell us that they are short of $$. we used to have 3 guys doing laundry for a 120-bed facility. now we have only 1. and the guy comes 1 hour early UNPAID to get the work done. now they want to cut the CNAs to save money, and be more efficient. i am so mad. 
i hate the healthcare industrial complex. i hate commodified care, i hate fucking nurses who piss on cnas -- and the same nurses who havent done a days work of being a cna. who would cringe at poop, and yet they talk to me like they own me. i wanted to cry out of anger and desperation cos i couldnt stop. 8 hours STRAIGHT of walking, lifting, cleaning, rushing, being bossed around.  

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