Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm still alive! and dreaming while kicking back!

I have been silent on the blog, but been thinking through a lot,  been watching Buffy and Roseanne and as usual, always trying to get through Capital Vol 1. I have come to accept my love-hate relationship with 19th century writers before "topic sentences" and concise, clear writing was in vogue. And then, also stressed about my family. It's not fun being broke and living so far away from home while my parents are sick, aging, isolated, and broke.

2 updates:

1) I got into nursing school and now, am super stressed about finding $$ to pay. I still have hella loans
But..I am going!! I can't wait anymore! Applying for nursing school, having to deal w inefficient bureaucracy, ever-changing pre-req requirements, and expiration of pre-reqs and ever so competitive programs has been super stressful and tiring. I need to go!!!

The madness in applying for nursing school even when there is such a high demand for nurses is just another case in point on how the reproductive labor in society is individualized and personalized!! Nursing school applicants: you all know how stressful it is! And what sense does it make that we get into all this debt and loans and stress JUST TO BE ABLE TO get ourselves a job to help the capitalists maintain this farce??

2) Seasol started a fight with a home healthcare agency fighting for a CNA's mileage reimbursements that the union (SEIU) wont take up.

                       5.30.2011 SeaSol Demand Delivery with Anthony at Chesterfield Home Services!

It's gonna get exciting and I am thrilled to be a part of this fight. I feel it in my fingers and my bones! I have mad mad respect for Anthony, the CNA who is still currently employed at the workplace, and is facing up to the boss. And also mad respect to Seasol for taking it up!!

Let me dream...

- Build dope healthcare workers network in Seattle over the next 2-3 years with militants in nursing homes and hospitals and home healthcare agencies

- Wage workplace struggles in healthcare workplaces -- could be small, point is to have organizational expression of non-union bureaucracy affiliated forms of organizing over the next 2-3 years

- Put out dope analyses together on theory and practice of healthcare and capitalism -- break down the political economy of healthcare, forms of resistance, new values, organizational forms etc

- Have analysis that is specific to the medical hub that is Seattle as the frontline of pushing new forms of medical/healthcare commodification such as the new Swedish satellite hospital in Issaquah (aka Medical Tourism) as well as the use of the Toyota Lean Model in healthcare administration and services (aka in Virginia Mason) 

- Fucking break down the role that the Gates Foundation plays in monopolizing rhetoric around healthcare in the third world when its an excuse for further privatizaton and neoliberalism under the guise of benevolence -- draw from disabilities justice and food justice frameworks. "liberal gates foundation saves the third world" is the form of hegemony that the healthcare industrial complex imposes on people here to buy our hearts and minds. Recently they ran an article in the Seattle Times about how Gates Foundation is helping out poor people in Ethiopia, providing healthcare and medical services etc -- and of course its a shout out to the Ethiopian healthcare workforce here in Seattle that hey, your job might suck but what you're working for is saving your home country. Further reinforces the sentiment that thee are GOOD healthcare capitalists (like Gates) and then BAD healthcare capitalists (like the one we work for).

- Future conference of militant healthcare workers...toward a model of healthcare that prioritizes wellness, class struggle and liberation of people w disabilities, queers, womyn, poc, workers!

Daydreaming but serious. If you're interested, lets talk and build!

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  1. i'm happy for you & for nursing in general :) keep up the good work