Monday, June 20, 2011


They revoked my write up today! After getting advice from my coworkers, S and R, who convinced me that I shouldnt just let it drop, I went to the main boss's office and said they were selectively enforcing the rules (on eating and facial expression and duration of time I took to take weights) and that I would go to the NLRB on them.

I already had an NLRB case open because of how they threatened to fire me for our organizing, so any evidence I have to prove that I am targetted by the bosses for such an action would just be troublesome for them.

Not threatening, just troublesome :(.

NLRB route isnt my ideal. But a worker's gotta keep their job even when movement activity is there you go.

I'm bringing pie to celebrate tomorrow!! AND! I will eat it at the right place and right time:) AND! I will be making stinky faces and rolling my eyes till they drop at power-tripping charge nurse.

Till the next write-up,


  1. Nice! Enjoy that victory pie.

  2. Thank You Kloncke! See you in the bay soon:)

  3. Congrats! (from Seattle wob G.)

  4. Thank You G!I think I know who you are:)