Tuesday, November 30, 2010

draft of our Bill of Rights

Inspired by the Domestic Workers Union Bill of Rights...
I hope in the next few months to be able to study the organizing of DWU and its strengths/weaknesses. Folks on Paid in Smiles and Caring Labor are sharing some useful resources. Thank you!

This is a draft of our Bill of Rights that we brainstormed. It's all about our working conditions. Why, and the limitations of that...will write about soon.

Nursing Assistants
Bill of Rights
Many of us will grow old, or have grown old with this job.
Our job is about caring for the elderly, it is important that as we care for others, we also care for ourselves.
Our health, safety and self-respect are important.  
We have…
1.      The Right to be spoken to respectfully and clearly by our supervisors

2.      The Right to not be rushed at work

3.      The Right to 1:8 staffing ratios

4.      The Right to provide consistent care for assigned residents

5.      The Right to take Sick Leave without fear of retaliation

6.      The Right to consistent job descriptions that cannot be changed without our consultation

7.      The Right to convey our knowledge of resident care in meetings

8.      The Right to be updated on daily reviews of resident care plans

9.      The Right to take our state-mandated breaks

10.  The Right to abide by state safety laws without consequences

11.  The Right to a 40 hour work week (???)

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