Monday, November 15, 2010

What are the foundations of labor organizing?

In all my previous organizing efforts, I have had a sense that foundation-building is key. I have had a sense of how to talk about our politics -- seeing the community of poc as broader than the self-appointed gatekeepers aka "rainbow coalition" in our lingo; militancy and offensive, breaking rules of civility and legitimize anger of everyday people as opposed to following codes of conduct that are meant to prop up academia and administration; everyone able and willing to flyer and talk to new folks about the organizing; everyone understanding the points of unity etc.

Now that I am thrown into workplace organizing where the management is kicking our butt every second, where the opponent is a vibrant, active, dynamic force [as opposed to a large university administration which has inertia, bureaucracy etc that a small workplace does not have] I find myself at some sort of a loss for what to PRIORITIZE as my foundations, what to GUIDE my tactics and strategy.

Right now this is what's causing me alot of apprehension. I am not looking for a formulaic kind of thing, but more so a set of important things I have to think about and guide my actions with!

Looking forward to updating this!!!! Thanks N.H!

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