Friday, November 5, 2010


Distributing Sunday!
We now have a semi-formal grouping with a name! We are currently anonymous/underground. The past week, I feel like we have been running the effing workplace!
*fingers crossed!*

[Flyer removed for security purposes. 
Please email for a copy. Thanks!]

Some areas I want to work on with the flyer/future flyers (if I dont get fired on Monday...)!

- "Safety" is a pretty bland and overused language in that it's been overused to justify some really bad things in the history of PWD as well as the prison industrial complex. I hope we can work toward expanding what "safety" means in light of disabilities and anti-racist struggles in an accessible way

- The elderly feel like "objects" -- ie. equating their physical well being with the totality of them as human beings. I would like to work toward introducing more language of the multi-dimensions of humanizing and dignifying care work. I feel this personally in my job that I care for human beings, not objects, and hope to be able to convey that in future agitational flyers

- We had a training session yesterday that talked a lot about grief of residents passing on, how to relate with those who live on when they see their roommates pass on, as well as our own grief being surrounded by death and aging. I felt the need for such a space, but definitely not in a management-mandated training space -- which told us we should approach management for support when grieving -- when in reality the work process denies me time to process emotionally with people cos all I can see is the clock ticking and work not getting done; The work process tries to objectify the elderly into receptors of commodified care when in reality there is so much more going on that is forced to be repressed

- In general I think that the flyer lacks a sense that our struggle is an re/envisioning of new values. I am going to keep talking to people around me, and being able to recognize, as well as push these re/envisioning in my conversations with co-workers and then, also experimenting with putting these things to paper and conversations. The familiarity comes from practice and then it feels more 'natural' to integrate them in a flyer.


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