Friday, November 12, 2010

the ways they poke us to stab us

Management are such fuckers.
I have so many thoughts about this blog post that friends at the Recomposition blog put up recently.
I feel this at my work too -- how they try to break our solidarity piecemeal style and the issue is too small to form a campaign around, and big enough to break your confidence.

Well, take that back. Nothing;s too small to agitate around. Just that in this climate when the economic crisis booms: BE LUCKY YOU HAVE A JOB everyday, it's hard to get people to put their job on the line period. Especially not for "small" changes where what you give up is a sense of solidarity and connection with your coworkers.
This is how capitalist society stabs and kills all the instincts toward community and then points to the isolated individuals that are a product of this assault and say: I told you so.

Anyways, here's the piece
The Battle of the Sandwiches: What Does the Bosses’ Offensive Look Like?

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  1. have you seen these cartoons?